Monday, November 19, 2012

Diary of a Diva on Deployment

It’s not day one, it is pre-day one. The night before, where I frantically, yet methodically rummage through my house, seeking out the necessary accoutrements that served me well during my last deployment. Luckily I had the good sense to wash, pack and organize my ‘ready/go kit’ before I shoved it into some small space deep down in the basement.
The check off list always seems to get longer when I have the luxury to take my own car to the deployment. It seems my car doubles as a Sanford & Sons (OK, now I am dating myself) junk-lugger when the deployments are within driving distance. Why not bring all of my favorite things along to make my extremely long, dog & cat poop filled, fur flying, junk food eating days and little-to-no (cot) sleeping nights more like home? Deployments never mimic the diva lifestyle I am accustomed to (friends who know me, can insert laughter now) but it’s the little things, like my pink fuzzy slippers, neck warmer, squishy pillow and cooler filled with comfort food that help soothe my soul while my emotions run high and my joints snap, crackle and pop.
Sleeping bag, personal hygiene items, PPE (personal protection equipment), warm clothes, boots, flashlights, batteries, IPod, vitamins, journal book (my SAFE place to vent: thoughts, frustrations, memories), perfume (to make ME feel pretty while slopping up urine with a paper towel) are all packed into the trunk, back seat and passenger side or my SAAB (Serving Animals And Beyond).
Directions posted on the dash, a bar of dark chocolate lurking by the shifter, (understanding its place as a sacrifice when I need a little pick-me-up) and Carol King & James Taylor “You’ve Got a Friend” jamming in the CD player all are rituals I perform for the journey ahead.
Now, to get a good night sleep in my own, oh-so-comfy- bed, with the anticipation that the next day’s travel will take me to a place where I can help make a difference in the animals lives.

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