Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day one- Deployment

We gathered early on this warm Saturday Connecticut morning; the group is an experienced team of animal care professionals, two vet technicians, one ACO, and me. Of them I knew one, the ACO.
We met up at the local car rental agency in Fairfield CT to begin our journey to help animals in Memphis.
From there we drove to LaGuardia Airport to catch a flight down South. Our first stop was Charlotte, then on to Memphis.

Our deployment was on the recommendation of the CTSART which we are all active members of, and from them we were given marching orders to join the ASPCA team once we put our boots (ok, for me, I’m still wearing sandals) on the ground in Memphis.

So once there, we met up with more animal care professionals at the airport and made our way via rental car to the hotel, it’s late and the shelter is in evening mode, but we checked out the location, picked up a few more rescue folks, the made our way to grab a bite to eat and now back to the room for some sleep before the journey of tomorrow begins. It’s time for bed.
We will help the animals of Memphis, starting bright and early Sunday morning. G’nite!

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