Thursday, February 7, 2008


It’s been a jubilant week here in New York after the Giants’ victory on Sunday. It reminded me of the coordination and communication required to pull off a well-executed play that scores a touchdown.

The animal care professions are growing in number and specialty. Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, animal care specialists, shelter and kennel managers, receptionists, trainers, behaviorists, animal communicators, pet sitters, humane educators, senior administrators, pet supply store owners, ethicists, professors, groomers, doggie day care managers, zoo curators- and the list goes on- all play a role in supporting and promoting positive human-animal relationships. In order for the efforts of each segment to be effective, every profession needs an awareness of who their partners are and what they do. In turn, this information needs to be conveyed to those who can utilize these services- members of the public.

If you work in an environment in which many different types of animal care professionals work closely together, are your activities well coordinated? Are the lines of communication open? Or do you operate on separate floors and with separate goals and priorities? If your work environment reflects a single profession, do you know your animal care partners in your community and what services they can provide to your clients? Do you think your clients are aware of all the animal care resources available to them?

Our collective effectiveness and positive progress depend upon our ability to coordinate our activities and play the positions that are our strengths. Make a point this week of getting to know one of your professional partners better.

-Liz Clancy

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