Monday, January 21, 2008

Seeing Clearly

What’s the reality of why and who actively participates in the world of animal advocacy? Some might want to stop all cruelty, neglect and use of animals for human needs. Others might focus on companion animal overpopulation and their euthanasia in shelters. While some might believe that all animals should have rights. But whatever one’s personal choice to engage in animal advocacy is, we as a compassionate community need to allow others their own reality yet strive for unity through vision.

Webster’s Dictionary lists 6 definitions of unity. The first one states: the quality or state of being or being made one. So with that said how do we as a community of advocates, activists and humanitarians establish an ultimate unification for the animals? And do this without losing our own self beliefs?

It begins through vision. .Vision has a definition of: unusual wisdom in foreseeing what is going to happen. The power of vision enables us to have hope, it allows us to organize towards a goal, it allows us to proceed forward and create changes. Sometimes our vision is small in scope, only seeing our present state of being, and not believing we have any influence in the bigger picture. But in reality, each and every one of us is somehow interconnected to that bigger picture. As an individual, one can take their knowledge and expertise and interface it with the current society of animal advocates and activists to forge a united front, a state of being or being made one for the animals.

If fused properly, vision combined with unity and focus equals success.

CherylAnn Fernandes

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