Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Opportunity for Change

How does one individual effect change? Can one sole person make a fundamental difference for animals? We believe so. In January 2007, we formed Animal Vocation Resources, LLC in order to provide a professional forum for individuals interested in working with animals and for animals. There has been an incredible amount of growth and diversification in the animal care professions in the last 15 years or so, and now "going to vet school" is no longer the only option. New opportunities abound in which a broad range of skills and interests are integral to supporting the needs of our industry like never before. Dog catchers of yesteryear are long passe; just watch Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel and you will see innovative careers that help support the human-animal connection.

Passion and an interest in animal issues are only part of the equation to achieving positive change. Matching talents, skills and career aspirations to organizational mission and work culture is key to job satisfaction and organizational effectiveness.

An opportunity for change and positive growth on behalf of animals starts from within. Join us as we explore the changing landscape of the animal care professions and pose new options for "helping people who help animals."

-Liz Clancy and CherylAnn Fernandes

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